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Sociology Test Series 2024: Preparation Tips & Key Features

Sociology Test Series 2024 by IAS Gurukul is specially designed for IAS aspirants who are appearing for the civil services (main) examination, 2024 conducted by UPSC. Below are some preparation tips to make best use of this sociology test series:

1. Do multiple revisions –Students are strongly advised to revise the sociology syllabus multiple times, to ensure quick recall of relevant content while writing the tests.

2. Make your answers sociological -Quote the relevant sociological thinkers and use appropriate sociological jargon in your sociology test paper answers. Use the key terms mentioned in the paper 1 and paper 2 syllabus; such as deviance, religious revival, social movements, social mobility, etc. Also, mention the linkages of various social institutions like family and kinship, economy and polity, religion and culture.

3. Cover full syllabus – Do not leave out any syllabus topic untouched or under-prepared. Some candidates mistakenly emphasize upon the oft-repeated topics only and neglect the less frequently asked ones. Students are advised to cover all sociology syllabus topics sufficiently; in case a question is asked from any of them.

4. Refer PYQs – Students are advised to refer to the UPSC sociology previous years’ question papers while preparing to hone their strategy. Also, cover any topics from which questions were asked in the past even if they are not explicitly mentioned in the UPSC sociology syllabus.

How to make best use of Sociology Test Series 2024?

1. Write a good number of tests -Merely joining the test series will not in itself improve one’s answer writing. Any improvement comes with full utilization of the opportunities opened by the test series. For this, the candidate will have to assign adequate time for answer writing practice for sociology in his or her UPSC preparation schedule.

2. Follow a fixed schedule - It is highly advisable that the student fixes a particular date and time slot for the sociology test series 2024 and writes those tests regularly as per the chosen schedule. The student may opt for the tailor-made schedule provided by IAS Gurukul or design a customised one as per his or her own needs.

3. Revise a few more times – Consider the test series as an opportunity to revise your sociology optional syllabus a few more times. The test series typically is of 2.5 to 3 months duration. In this time; a serious, well- prepared candidate can undertake anywhere from 2 to 3 revisions of the entire sociology syllabus (assuming 2-3 hours are devoted to sociology daily for this period of 3 months).

4. Write the tests in exam - type conditions -If you are in Delhi-NCR region; you may consider visiting the classroom of the institute located at Karol Bagh and writing the tests over there under invigilation.

If you are attempting the tests at your own venue, you are advised to ensure invigilation by a reliable family member or friend and simulate the exam type conditions. This will include adhering to the 3 hour time limit for each test, not referring to any resources like your sociology notes or standard books, and not taking breaks while writing the tests.

5. Go through the feedback of your answers and use it - Aspirants are advised to carefully go through the evaluated answer copies and consider the feedback provided by the evaluators. Incorporate any useful suggestions, big or small, in your subsequent tests. Eventually, you will see a gradual improvement in your test scores.

Sociology Test Series 2024: Purpose and features

The purpose of this test series is to prepare the candidate for the actual UPSC sociology optional exam through a series of simulated tests. The test series contains 12 full length tests and 70 daily questions.

Structure and Features

Each test in the test series is designed by expert sociology faculty Pranay Aggarwal and a team of subject experts. Each test is strictly based on the UPSC sociology optional exam pattern, is for duration of 3 hours and is for 250 marks. The sociology test series can be attempted in online as well as classroom/ offline mode or a combination of the two.

Students are provided a preparation schedule for the sociology test series 2024; which will help them to structure their preparation keeping in mind the 2024 UPSC CSE mains exam. The test series schedule is scientifically designed so that students will have ample time to revise the syllabus and incorporate the feedback of previous tests in the subsequent tests that they attempt. The test series also offers great degree of flexibility in case students wish to restructure the preparation as per their own specific needs.

Each answer copy is evaluated by expert sociology faculty with rich experience in copy evaluation and mentoring of UPSC aspirants with sociology optional. Aspirants are provided with detailed and comprehensive feedback which will help them to improve their answers. Improvement in the quality of content and the structure of the answers is a gradual process but is a very likely outcome if the suggested improvements are made and the feedback is taken seriously by the candidate.

IAS Gurukul also provides the students with model answers for the full length test papers. These answers provide a good direction and sufficient insight into the topic. They also serve as a useful addition to the knowledge base of the candidate and help in content enrichment.

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