& Conditions

Students must accept, confirm, follow and adhere to the below mentioned terms & conditions before and after taking admission in any course offered by IAS Gurukul.

  1. Students are solely responsible for the safety of their books, bags, laptops, devices, mobile phones, vehicles, and other possessions and belongings. IAS Gurukul is not responsible for any loss, theft or misplacement of any of these.

  2. Fee Payment:
    1. Students can pay the fee through Net Banking/Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Cash.
    2. Students have to pay the amount as mentioned in fee receipt at the time of admission.
    3. Those students who have opted for the Installment Payment Scheme are subjected to pay installment charges as decided by the institute. Installment charges will be applicable once a student has taken admission & opted for Installment Payment Scheme.
    4. Any fee/ installment payment without proper receipt will be invalid.

  3. Late payment charges: For payment of fees/ installment later than the due date, late payment charges @ Rs 100/- per day will be applicable. These charges will have to be paid along with the said fees/ installment.

  4. Before payment of any registration/ fees/ installment amount, the student has made sufficient independent enquiries about the antecedents, standard of education, quality of teachers, study material etc. at the institute and also taken demo lectures and found the institute upto his/ her satisfaction.

  5. Policy regarding Refund of Fee or Replacement:
    1. Fees/ installment/ registration amount, once paid, will not be refunded, wholly or partially, under any circumstances or on any grounds whatsoever. Student has ensured that they are willing to enroll in the course concerned before payment of any amount.
    2. The student will not be permitted to replace his/ her seat with another student.
    3. The student will not be permitted to adjust fees/ installment paid for one course with course fee/ installment of another course or for the same course in different batch/year.
    4. The student will not be permitted to adjust his/ her fee/ installment with that of another student.

  6. Discipline:
    1. Students must adhere to strict discipline & sincerity within the institute premises.
    2. Students are prohibited from misbehaving with or disrespecting IAS Gurukul staff, faculty or classmates, fighting, not maintaining the decorum of the class, damaging IAS Gurukul property or any other improper or illegal activity.

  7. Policy regarding Absenteeism :
    1. Students must attend the classes and Tests regularly in their assigned batches and as per the scheduled time table only.
    2. In case of absenteeism, IAS Gurukul is not obligated to provide remedial classes or to permit the student to sit in another batch. IAS Gurukul may do so in its sole discretion.
    3. In case of absenteeism, providing video lectures is subjected to the discretion of IAS Gurukul and is chargeable at a rate decided by the institute’s management in its sole discretion. It is not mandatory for institute to provide video back up of missed classes.
    4. In case of absence in the Test Series on the scheduled test date, no separate question papers will be issued to the students and their copies will not be evaluated.
    5. Fees/ installments/ registration amount will not be refundable in case of absenteeism of the student(s).
    6. IAS Gurukul reserves the right to disbar irregular students from attending classes.

  8. Batch venue and timings are subject to periodic changes as per the availability of faculties and classrooms. These changes are at the sole discretion of IAS Gurukul. IAS Gurukul reserves all the rights to make any alterations in its programs, fee, faculty, timing, venue of classes, etc. without any prior notice. The decision of IAS Gurukul in all these matters shall be final, abiding and binding.

  9. Student will not defame, bad mouth or bring any disrepute to IAS Gurukul, its courses, faculty and/or management either online, in person or in conversation. The student will make all efforts to protect and promote the good name and brand value of IAS Gurukul. The student and his/ her family, friends and acquaintances will not publish or say anything that is detrimental to the business interests, brand value and reputation of IAS Gurukul and its courses, faculty and/or management either in their own name or under any pseudonym, username, fake ID, etc.

  10. If any student or his/ her family, friends and acquaintances do so, the student and/ or his/ her family, friends and acquaintances will be liable for criminal and civil prosecution and for payment of damages, fines, legal fees, business losses, defamation charges and other costs.

  11. Student will not become a party, witness or signatory to any complaint, legal proceedings, cases, complaints to the police, any court of law, consumer forums, etc. against the institute, its Director(s), management, faculty and/or staff.

  12. Student will adhere to the Rules & Regulations of IAS Gurukul as amended from time to time.

  13. If any student is found contravening any Rules & Regulations of IAS Gurukul and/or any of the terms and conditions, IAS Gurukul reserves the right to debar the student from attending the classes and take strict action against him/her. In case of violation of any rules of IAS Gurukul and/or any of the above terms and conditions, the Student will also become liable to pay damages, costs, fines, losses and other charges and costs.

  14. Student is fully aware that contents of brochure, advertisements, promotional campaigns, etc. of institute are for representational purposes only and there may be variance from the actual position.

  15. Student is aware that the institute and/or its faculty do not make any promises of guaranteed success in any competitive examination(s) or any other promises. Success of students in competitive examinations is dependent on several factors beyond the control of the institute.

  16. In the matter of whether the student has abided by all the Rules & Regulations and above Terms & Conditions or not; the decision of IAS Gurukul shall be final, abiding and binding.

  17. IAS Gurukul has the student’s express consent to use his/ her name, photograph, quotation, etc. in its advertisements, promotions, website, social media and any other platform.