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By Pranay Aggarwal

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Duration: 11 October – 15 December (66 Days)


8 full Length Tests of 3 hours & 250 marks each

  • -6 Sectional Tests + 2 Full Syllabus Tests


Daily Answer Writing

  • Strictly based on UPSC pattern

  • Detailed Feedback

  • Model Content

  • Detailed Discussions of Tests by Pranay sir

  • Doubts Clearing by Pranay Sir

  • 1 on 1 interaction on phone/ whatsapp/ in person

  • Flexible timings

  • Online access to Live & Recorded Discussions till UPSC Mains Exam

Fees = Rs, 12000/-

For Old Students, Fees= Rs, 11000/-


The program focusses on maximizing your sociology score through daily answer writing, a series of tests and value addition classes & discussions. It aims at providing you with systematic guidance for the development of Sociological answer writing skills.

It will include:

  1. Daily Answer Writing: One 10 or 20 marker question per day.

  2. Six Sectional Tests of 250 marks & 3 hours each

  3. Two Full Syllabus Tests of 250 marks & 3 hours each

  4. Content Enhancement Classes

  5. Mentorship

What will you get?

  1. Daily Answer Writing Practice: 1 sociology question will be given to the students daily during the Course. Your submissions will be evaluated, awarded marks and returned with feedback & comments for improvement. Model content will also be shared.

  1. 8 UPSC- pattern Tests: Each test will be for 250 marks & 3 hours like in the UPSC Mains exam. The nature of the questions will be as per the UPSC pattern. Each paper will be set by Pranay Aggarwal Sir.

  1. Detailed evaluation & feedback: The copy evaluation and feedback mechanisms are designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance. We will examine your copies with sincerity and give remarks for improvement.

  1. Study Material: Every student will receive soft copy of Current Affairs related to Social Issues, institute’s Sociology Study Material and value addition materials. Relevant case studies, news items & analysis for Paper I and Paper II will also be shared for enhancing the quality of content.

  1. Model Content: Model content will be provided for every Test and daily practice question.

  1. Detailed, Interactive Test Discussions & Value Addition classes by Pranay sir: Each test will be followed by a detailed discussion & analysis of the questions by Pranay Aggarwal Sir. Relevant additional theories, perspectives and case studies will be shared during the classes for value addition. Discussions & classes will be online and interactive.

  1. Online access to Live & Recorded Discussions till UPSC Mains Exam: You will have access to the live test discussions as well as its recording till the UPSC Mains exam.

  1. Doubts Clearing by Pranay Sir: You are encouraged to clarify all your doubts with Sir.

  1. One on One interaction: You are welcome to discuss any topic or question and discuss your test papers with Pranay Sir in any mode; whether on phone, Whatsapp, online or in person. You may also contact Sir for any personal suggestions & doubts clearance.

  1. Flexible timings: You may give the tests either on the prescribed date or any other date during the course duration, as per your convenience.

  1. Unlimited Access: You get unlimited access to the discussions during the validity of the course. You can access the course 24x7 as per your convenience.

  1. Lifelong association & support and personal mentorship by Pranay Aggarwal Sir.

  1. Online access to best answer copies: of test series to all the students.

  1. Evaluation: Your copies will be evaluated within 10 working days of submission.

Why you should join IAS Gurukul Sociology Test Series?

We take the Test Series with utmost seriousness.

Our simple, practical and focused approach will help you understand the demand of the UPSC exam effectively. We focus on giving personalized attention to you based on your core competence, availability of time and resources and the requirements of Civil Services Exam. Our interactive learning approach strives to continuously improve your performance and move your preparation in the right direction. We try to ensure that your sociological knowledge is consolidated with every passing Test & discussion.

Our test questions & discussions are based on an analysis of the previous years’ papers. We ensure that tests include questions on the basics, the static portions of the UPSC syllabus as well as current- related and dynamic portions.

Our FOCUS- Your Success

We try to help you achieve success by focusing on improving your:

  • Answer writing skill development, structure & presentation of answer

  • Ability to present facts, information & knowledge in the answer

  • Understanding of actual requirement (key words, context & content) of the UPSC in the different types of questions and how the questions should be attempted for good score.

  • Strategy & approach to be used to tackle different kinds of questions.

  • Understanding of your current level of preparedness & required action plan as per the actual pattern and toughness level of the actual UPSC Examination.

Some Suggestions for Writing Answers & Attempting Tests:

  1. Write the answer according to the actual requirement of the questions. Focus on key words. ( Elucidate – Explain, Comment , Examine , Critically examine , Discuss , Analyze , Illustrate , Review , Argue , Justify etc.)

  1. Relevant content: In the context of the question asked; bring in relevant thinkers, theories, case studies, examples & arguments.

  1. Structure of the answer: Para formation, sequence of arguments and statements should be in a proper flow. There should be a proper introduction and conclusion in your answers. Answer should be structured logically and there should be connectivity between paragraphs. Identify priority areas and allocate space to different ideas in the answer accordingly.

  1. Ensure better visibility of key terms & arguments by using of diagrams, flowcharts & tables and by underlining.

  1. Sociological jargon: Include at least some sociological jargon in your answers. Use the jargon associated with the theory/scholar that you are mentioning.

  1. Adhere to the word limit, wherever specified.

  1. Proper time management: Ensure that you attempt all questions in the test papers. During the daily answer writing practice, adhere to a time limit of 7.5 minutes for a 10 marker and 12-13 minutes for a 20 marker.

  1. Give your opinion only when asked for it. Incorporate your opinion from different perspectives in a balanced manner


1. I am a fresher who has just started the preparation. Is this programme suitable for me?

No.This course is designed for those who have completed their UPSC Sociology Optional Syllabus.

2. What is the duration of the programme?

The programme will run for 50 days from 20 June to 10 August 2020.

3. What happens if I miss a test on the scheduled date?

It’s alright. You can take the test and submit on any date during the duration of the program. However, it is highly advisable that you write 1 answer daily and attempt the weekly tests on suggested dates.

4. Will it hamper my prelims preparation?

It won’t. The delayed UPSC schedule due to the Corona pandemic has provided an opportunity to CSE 2020 aspirants to set aside at least some of their time to again prepare for the Mains. It is advisable to shift focus to Mains till first week of August. This Program is designed to help you revise your sociology syllabus and hone your answer writing skills during this period, without affecting your prelims preparation.

5. How will the answers be evaluated and how can I check the evaluated copies?

Once you are enrolled in the programme, you will receive a detailed mail with your username and password to access the online portal. The mail will also guide you with the simple steps for sending and receiving answer copies.

7. I have a few more queries. Whom should I contact?

Call Hari on 9999693744 (Enquiry & admission) or Pranay Aggarwal on 9310436695 (Academic queries).


Pranay Aggarwal is the Sociology faculty at IAS Gurukul. He has mentored thousands of IAS aspirants, several of whom have been successful. He is a keen observer of the social world. He is a faculty, writer and commentator on sociological issues. He is an academician and career guidance expert with specialization in civil services exam preparation.


IAS Gurukul is India’s leading institute for sociology optional preparation for the civil services examination. The institute is particularly well known for its sociology classroom course, sociology online course, sociology test series (online & offline) and interview guidance programs. Under the guidance of its Director Pranay Aggarwal, scores of civil services aspirants have nurtured their IAS dreams. IAS Gurukul has emerged as a benchmark institution to achieve excellence in the field of preparation for the civil services examination. Our underlying orientation at IAS Gurukul is to serve the students.

For detail information, please Contact Hari 9999693744 (Enquiry & admission) or Pranay Aggarwal 93104 36695 (Academic queries).