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Yojana Magazine

Yojana magazine is one of the most popular sources for UPSC preparation. On this page you will find original issues of the Yojana magazine of the last 18 months for free download in PDF format. Yojana is one of the most authentic sources of data, information and views for UPSC exam preparation. It is recommended that a serious UPSC candidate should read Yojana magazine of the last 18 months from his or her date of examination.

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S. No. File Name (English) Download File Name (Hindi) Download
1. May 2021 Issue Open May 2021 Issue Open
2. April 2021 Issue Open April 2021 Issue Open
3. March 2021 Issue Open March 2021 Issue Open
4. February 2021 Issue Open February 2021 Issue Open
5. January 2021 Issue Open January 2021 Issue Open
6. December 2020 Issue Open December 2020 Issue Open
7. November 2020 Issue Open November 2020 Issue Open
8. October 2020 Issue Open October 2020 Issue Open
9. September 2020 Issue Open September 2020 Issue Open
10. August 2020 Issue Open August 2020 Issue Open
11. July 2020 Issue Open July 2020 Issue Open
12. June 2020 Issue Open June 2020 Issue Open
13. May 2020 Issue Open May 2020 Issue Open
14. April 2020 Issue Open April 2020 Issue Open
15. March 2020 Issue Open March 2020 Issue Open
16. February 2020 Issue Open February 2020 Issue Open
17. January 2020 Issue Open January 2020 Issue Open
18. December 2019 Issue Open December 2019 Issue Open
19. November 2019 Issue Open November 2019 Issue Open
20. October 2019 Issue Open October 2019 Issue Open
21. September 2019 Issue Open September 2019 Issue Open
22. August 2019 Issue Open August 2019 Issue Open
23. July 2019 Issue Open July 2019 Issue Open
24. June 2019 Issue Open June 2019 Issue Open
25. May 2019 Issue Open May 2019 Issue Open
26. April 2019 Issue Open April 2019 Issue Open
27. March 2019 Issue Open March 2019 Issue Open
28. Feburary 2019 Issue Open Feburary 2019 Issue Open
29. January 2019 Issue Open January 2019 Issue Open

Why reading Yojana is important for UPSC preparation:

1.Yojana magazine contains very high quality analysis of various social and economic issues confronting the country. Yojana is one of the most preferred and most popular resources for current affairs preparation for UPSC civil services examination.

2.Yojana magazine contains only verified and credible information. All articles published in Yojana are screened and edited by a high placed editorial board.

3.Yojana provides the official perspective on various schemes. Since the aspirant is seeking entry into government services, it greatly helps to get acquainted with the viewpoints and decision making process of one's prospective employer.

4.The views expressed are very mature and useful for the exam. - Though it is a government publication, the magazine contains both pros and cons of various government schemes, programmes and issues facing the country.

5.UPSC exam toppers highly recommend Yojana and refer to the magazine during their own preparation for the IAS examination.

6.Yojana is very useful for all the general studies papers of the Civil Services exam.

7.Yojana also helps by providing rich content and in-depth analysis for several topics in the Essay paper.

8.Reading Yojana magazine also helps one to develop a mature view on various social and economic issues and government policies, which is required for the Final stage of the Civil Services Exam that is the personality test or Interview.

9.Yojana magazine includes articles rich in data and perspectives by eminent contributors. On a regular basis, articles in Yojana are authored by top IAS officers, Secretaries to the Government of India, Cabinet Ministers, etc.

10.The importance of Yojana in UPSC preparation is because of its popularity, quality content and high relevance for the IAS exam.

About Yojana magazine:

The frequency of the magazine's publication is monthly. Yojana is published by the Government of India. It is the Planning Commission (Yojana Aayog in Hindi), Government of India which is entrusted with publication of the magazine. Yojana is published in English, Hindi and many other regional Indian languages. Yojana magazine is one of the oldest magazines in continuous circulation till date. The first Yojana was published in 1957 with renowned author Khushwant Singh as it's Chief Editor. The cost of the physical hard copy of Yojana magazine is Rs. 22/- per copy and Rs. 220 for the annual subscription. But we are providing Yojana magazine for download in PDF for FREE for all UPSC aspirants here.

Please click on the issue to download Yojana magazine pdf for that month for free.

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