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Sociology Optional Notes

One of the reasons for the popularity of sociology optional in the UPSC exam is the fact that it has one of the shortest syllabus amongst the social science optional subjects that a UPSC candidate can chose. In fact, sociology optional notes can be so concise that the whole sociology optional syllabus can be comfortably revised in the brief 5 day period just before the optional papers. However it is extremely important that the IAS aspirant makes proper, comprehensive and rich notes during the preparation phase. To here various sociology optional toppers’ views regarding the importance of proper notes making and their style of making sociology notes, click here...

How to make sociology notes for UPSC – For those who are doing self- preparation

Those who are unable to benefit from the sociology classes at IAS Gurukul due to a lack of time or resources can still have high quality sociology optional notes for UPSC as follows- the hand written notes of a former student of Pranay sir or any other reputed sociology optional teacher can be obtained from the numerous books shops in and around Karol Bagh in Delhi. Nowadays, hand written notes of former students as well as past UPSC toppers with Sociology Optional are also available online. Some of the popular sociology optional toppers’ notes that can be ordered online include those of Anu Kumari IAS AIR 2 | Sindhuri IAS AIR 43 2008 | Akshat Kaushal IAS Rank 55, 2017 | Tusharanshu Sharma IAS Rank 75, 2014 |. Students can get their notes in PDF and/or hard copy.

You are still advised to make your own sociology notes in your own handwriting keeping the abovementioned students/toppers notes as a resource and supplementing with relevant content from standard recommended sociology optional books and sources. To know more about which all sociology books should be referred for UPSC, click here...

S. No. File Name Download PDF File
1. Neha Bhosle, AIR-15, P1 Download
2. Neha Bhosle, AIR-15, P2 Download
3. AKSHAT KAUSHAL, AIR-55, P1 Download
4. AKSHAT KAUSHAL, AIR-55, P2 Download
5. Current Affairs & Misc. Topics Download
6. Paper 1 Book 1 Download
7. Paper 1 Book 2 Download
8. Paper 2 Book 1 Download
9. Paper 2 Book 2 Download
10. Paper 2 Book 3 Download

How to make sociology notes for UPSC – If you are an IAS Gurukul Student

If the candidate has enrolled for any sociology course at IAS Gurukul (whether classroom or online course), you are advised to make detailed sociology optional notes during the lectures. Several portions of your lecture notes will be dictated by Sir in class. Apart from the dictated notes, detailed discussions will be undertaken on all the topics in the UPSC sociology optional syllabus. You are also advised to make detailed notes of the class discussions.

It will be beneficial if you supplement the class lecture notes with any content sourced from the recommend sociology books and the institute material that will enrich your sociology notes for UPSC. It is expected that these exhaustive sociology optional notes made during the class lectures will take about two thick registers - 1 for each paper. It is further advised that you highlight (by underlining or writing in capital letters) the important terms, definitions of key concepts, names of sociologists, etc. in your class notes.

MAKING BRIEF NOTES from exhaustive Class Notes:

It will help the student immensely if you have concise sociology optional notes for quick revision after the prelims and just before optional papers exams. In order to develop concise notes the students is advised the following approach - On a weekly basis, every Saturday, the student can note down the most essential elements like definition, sociologists who support or criticize a particular viewpoint or social institution, examples from currents affairs, etc. in points form in separate lose sheets.

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