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Sociology Optional Books

There are numerous books for sociology that are available. The problem in sociology is not the lack of quality content, but that it is abundant. On the internet, candidates come across several suggestions regarding the sociology optional books list by various candidates who have cleared the exam, coaching institutes and other aspirants who also have sociology as their optional.

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Sociology Optional Strategy

Sociology is one the most scoring optionals in the UPSC / IAS exam. However to score well in sociology, it is important that the student follows the correct strategy. UPSC aspirants can realistically hope to score very good marks (in the range of 300 and above marks out of 500 total marks allotted to the Optional) in the Sociology optional by adopting the right strategy.

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Sociology Optional Notes

One of the reasons for the popularity of sociology optional in the UPSC exam is the fact that it has one of the shortest syllabus amongst the social science optional subjects that a UPSC candidate can chose. In fact, sociology optional notes can be so concise that the whole sociology optional syllabus can be comfortably revised in the brief 5 day period just before the optional papers. However it is extremely important that the IAS aspirant makes proper, comprehensive and rich notes during the preparation phase.

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Sociology Optional

Choosing the right optional is one the most crucial decisions for a UPSC aspirant. The UPSC gives the candidates a choice of more than 25 subjects out of which the candidates has to choose any one as his or her optional subject. Sociology Optional is amongst the top 3 most popular subjects in the UPSC exam. Sociology Optional has a high scoring potential. Every year many students score 300+ marks in the Sociology Optional papers. These marks of the optional papers play a very important role in pulling up the total score of the candidate in the Civil Services Examination and ensuring that you can get a high rank and a service of your choice.

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