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Congratulations to 75+ Students of IAS Gurukul selected in CSE 2022!

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25 September 2023

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Sociology Online Course

25 September 2023

Sociology Online Course at IAS Gurukul replicates the sociology classroom coaching experience for the online students who are unable to visit Delhi...


Sociology Test Series & Daily Answer Writing

25 September 2023

20 tests, detailed feedback, discussions, model content...


Sociology Classroom Course

9 October 2023

Sociology classroom course at IAS Gurukul is focussed on helping the classroom students clear the Civil Services Examination by ensuring...

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About Us

As per a survey by National IAS Association published in national media, “the most sought after optional subject teacher in both offline and online modes is Pranay Aggarwal (IAS Gurukul) for sociology preferred by 83% of students”.


  • India representative, International Sociological Association, UNESCO
  • Member, Research Committee on History of Sociology, Indian Sociological Society
  • President, Indian Social Science Council
  • Convenor, Indian Civil Services Association
  • Acknowledged expert on IAS exam preparation as per leading national newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express, and Hindustan Times
  • Expert commentator on national TV news channels
  • Recommended by UPSC exam Toppers with Sociology optional every year
  • UGC NET qualified in Sociology
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching Sociology conferred by IIT Kharagpur
  • 15+ years experience
  • Pranay Aggarwal is “one of India’s foremost sociologists” - Hindustan Times
  • “Renowned Educationist, Sociologist, and Public Commentator” - Mid Day

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Exclusive Interview

Pranay Aggarwal's Exclusive Interview in Indian Express as Sociology Expert


The Hindu

Pranay Aggarwal write for The Hindu newspaper regarding selection of optional for the IAS exam.


National TV Channel

Pranay Aggarwal as Sr. Sociologist on national TV analyzes #BoycottAmazon


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of Selected Candidates with Sociology Optional


Gamini Singla, IAS, AIR 3, CSE 2021

IAS Gurukul is a reputed institute for sociology. Approach Pranay Sir for clearing your doubts. When your answer sheet is evaluated, go to Pranay Sir and understand the feedback. I always made sure that my doubts are clear when I wrote tests. I followed online notes of IAS Gurukul. Thank you, IAS Gurukul.


Gunjita Agrawal, IAS, AIR 26, CSE 2022

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Pranay Aggarwal Sir and IAS Gurukul for their support throughout my preparation. Pranay Aggarwal Sir, who is an expert in sociology, has this unique ability to be able to communicate with students coming from non-sociology background in a simple and understandable language. I would recommend sociology here to other aspirants as well.


Jatin Jain, IPS, AIR 91, CSE 2022

I would like to thank Pranay Aggarwal Sir and IAS Gurukul team for the immense support in my journey. They have been a constant support my in this journey to help me in every stage; so that i can overcome my fear of answer writing. So, thank you Sir; I am very grateful for your support. Pranay Sir explains the sociological concept in a very easy and lucid language which are very easy to understand; as i don’t have any sociological background. The mains test series of IAS Gurukul which i referred - the questions were very logically framed and the model answers were decent and the evaluation was good. I recommend sociology students to refer to the material and take the guidance of Pranay Aggarwal Sir in this journey.


Shruti Jain, IPS, AIR 165, CSE 2022

I think Pranay Sir is one of the most recommended teachers - for clearing doubt regularly with him. Sir gives weekly assignments, i think you should go through them regularly. In my last attempt i came across Sir's sociology course at IAS Gurukul. One of the very important elements that i personally persued was the current affairs parts for the mains. He very well gives and it was done by Sir himself. So i really liked it, that helped me give a lot of perspective in sociology. Especially, i come from the engineering and non sociology background. So those notes and handouts for current affairs was very comprehensive and useful. IAS Gurukul and respected Sir provide test series which includes timely evaluation, model answers and 1 to 1 feedback; which i think is very important; because every student has respective strengths and weaknesses in writing. So, one should be very well connected to Sir. I think that IAS Gurukul as well as Sir's test series courses are very recommended. i would like to thank Sir and IAS Gurukul for their contribution. I will definitely recommend IAS Gurukul to other aspirants as well, so that you have happy sociology as well as happy UPSC!


Antriksh Jain, IPS, AIR 130, CSE 2021

I have been a student of Pranay Sir since last 2 years. I will like to emphasize that Sir's personal guidance was available all the time. There were days when i used to talk to Sir for an hour also. Sir was able to give that much personal guidance.


Navdeep Aggarwal, IPS, AIR 150, CSE 2021

Pranay Sir has been a very good mentor to me. He gave me good feedback on my answers. I am very thankful to him for guiding me throughout the journey. He was very responsive to my calls. Model answers were top notch. Discussions were very fruitful. It really helped me a lot.


Shivam Chandra, IAS, AIR 453, CSE 2021

My experience with Pranay Sir has been very fruitful. He was always available - from online classes to availability on texts and phone for interview guidance and answer writing. My experience with IAS Gurukul has been very crucial in my success.


Jagrati Awasthi, IAS, AIR 2, CSE 2020

Approach Pranay Aggarwal Sir, ask him about the doubts because you should not leave any kind of conceptual problem. Whenever you have any doubts, you can approach him, call him or meet him…Thank you, IAS Gurukul.


Meera K, IAS, All India Rank 6, CSE 2020

To all the students of IAS Gurukul, you have a very good mentor and very good system in place there.. I think that is exactly what is required for sociology.


Maithreyi Naidu, IFS, All India Rank 27, CSE 2020

I wish the students of IAS Gurukul all the very best in CSE. You have Sir here. You can always access him and try to get your doubts cleared. You have classes going on, you have material. Ask Sir how you can improve your answer writing.


Vinayak Chamadia, IAS, All India Rank 47, CSE 2020

Pranay Sir has quite a lot of experience teaching sociology. He has mentored a lot of students. So follow whatever he tells and you will succeed. Thank you, Sir.


Adarsh Shukla, IPS, AIR-149, CSE 2020

Sir’s methodology of those three steps - that is quite critical and i found that very instrumental. I’ll just say that utilize that experience that you are having in this institution. Thank you.


Shrikant Yashvant, IAS, AIR-335, CSE 2020

IAS Gurukul is a very prestigious mentorship program. I have seen Pranay Sir’s attitude towards the aspirants.Thank you very much IAS Gurukul and thank you very much Pranay Sir.


Kavali Meghana, IAS, AIR-83, CSE 2020

To all the students of IAS Gurukul, all the efforts that Sir and you guys are putting will only show when you have constant tests…So get in touch with Sir, write and present well. Thank you very much, Sir.


Sanjita Mohapatra, IAS, AIR-10, CSE 2019

To all the students of IAS Gurukul, you have taken a very good decision. If you are studying here, you have a mentor. Use that mentor judiciously. He knows so much. Extract as much as you can. Thank you so much, IAS Gurukul.


Shrestha Anupam, IAS, All India Rank 19, CSE 2019

To the students of IAS Gurukul, I wish you a bright future ahead. I agree with whatever Pranay Sir does, they definitely work in the examination. Definitely answer writing is a very important part of this examination.


Ruchi Bindal, IAS, All India Rank 39, CSE 2019

I wish the students of IAS Gurukul all the best. Have faith in yourself, have faith in the teacher. The teacher is there after a lot of experience.. So listen to the teacher’s experience. There is interaction in the class.


Harshit Kumar, IAS, All India Rank 150, CSE 2019

IAS Gurukul is a very reputed coaching institute for sociology. Sir has taught for a lot of years and has been giving consistent results throughout. I recommend you listen to what he is teaching, ask your doubts and write a lot of tests.


Jasmeet Sandhu, IAS, All India Rank 3, CSE 2015

You require good mentors, right? I have had Pranay Aggarwal Sir as an overall mentor. I have utilized his understanding in test series. Teachers like Pranay Sir have given me an overall mentorship.


Amrita Banerjee, Indian Foreign Service, All Indian Rank 110, CSE 2015

Pranay Sir and his team are doing commendable work as mentors. Pranay Sir gives individual and personalized attention to each student. He is a very approachable person. You can anytime walk up to his room and clarify your doubts.


Sharnga Pani, Sr. Deputy Collector, SDM Office, Muzaffarpur District, Bihar

I joined sociology classroom course of Pranay Aggarwal Sir in 2015. I will recommend his classes to those taking up sociology optional. I greatly benefited from his guidance. After 5 years of my coaching, I am still in touch with Sir.


Gundala Reddy Raghavendra, IPS, All India Rank 180, CSE 2018

I will strongly recommend those who have science background like me to take sociology optional in IAS Gurukul. I thank Pranay Sir. He personally mentored me and did not hesitate to help me till last few days of my journey.


Rohan Apurv Sinha, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

Hands down the best sociology optional teacher you would get. He makes you think and not just teach. Best thing is he is available anytime...just call him or ping him, he'll be there and not just for sociology but for whole preparation.


Akhila, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

I took the online classes. I must say it's really worth of it. It's a 5 🌟 from my side. Sir's dedication and commitment towards the class is 10 on 10.


Abhinav Pareek, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

Sociology is a subject of diverse opinions and Sir surely knows that. He has holistically covered all the topics, his Class never feels like a burden. I'm glad I studied from sir.


Dr. Lovely Chaudhary, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

Being a medical student, I was very unsure whether my choice of sociology as an optional subject for UPSC was good. But Pranay Sir has made studying sociology a cakewalk. Thank you so much for making it so easy Sir.


Manika Upadhyaya, IAS Gurukul student in 2018

My experience at IAS Gurukul was marvellous. I enjoyed as well as learnt a lot about Society in a short span of time. Sir explains topics really well, provides questions regularly and dictates notes wherever necessary.

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